November 20, 2014

pHMiracleRevisedandUpdatedThe only thing that is constant in life is change. We at the pH Miracle Cleanse are always thinking of creative ways to add value to our alkaline community. We are offering you a few ways to save money when you sign up for any one or both of the next pH Miracle 14 Day Whole Body Cleanse programs. Join Us and Enroll Now as we teach you how to use the New Biology  to empower yourself  and take your health to the next level.

The pH MIRACLE® 14 Day Whole Body Cleanse

Our Cleanse consists of Daily Classroom Calls and Nightly Calls with Expert Guest Speakers

November 12th – 25th, 2014

Hosted by: Lori & Glenn Stone, & Brian Claypool

The Cleanse Program Starts in…

Your body is a MIRACLE!
It’s time to treat it like one.

Baby_plantThere is nothing more important to health than creating an alkaline environment in the body. By maintaining this alkaline state you allow your mind body and spirit to work optimally. The human body is a miracle designed to operate with effortless ease when its supported. The question then becomes: Are we really treating our body with the care that a MIRACLE deserves? It doesn’t matter how much money is in your bank account, what kind of car you drive, the house you live in or whether you have attained success in your career or business, if you allow your health to become compromised all those things mean nothing. Don’t wait until you become sick and tired, join us now and transform into the life you deserve by enrolling in the pH Miracle 14 Day Whole Body Cleanse. Give yourself the gift that keeps on giving.

Learn the Alkaline Live-It Program from the leaders at the pH Miracle Cleanse


This program was personally designed by Dr. Young. Dr. Young will be a guest speaker one night of the cleanse.

Lori, Glenn & Brian have over 17 years experience facilitating these cleanses for our alkaline community in the US and throughout the world. We are offering you an amazing opportunity to gain profound knowledge of the pH Miracle science, lifestyle and live-it program. We have put together a list of many amazing expert guest speakers who will join us throughout the cleanse. These guests will all speak on a range of important holistic health subjects that will help you accelerate your whole body detoxification, healing and more. The program itself is over 28 calls including daily cleanse classrooms and nightly calls. These calls are also recorded and archived for your convenience to listen to on your computer, smart phone or MP3 player at any time. Enroll Now and join us on this life changing experience.

These are just a few of the many benefits that you will receive when you enroll for the cleanse.

  • A 30 Minute Complimentary Coaching Call to discuss your products and individual requirements.
  • The Daily Cleanse Classroom where you can interact with other cleanse members, instructors and get all of your questions answered.
  • Evening Cleanse Call Including Expert Guest Speakers. Audio Recordings of each call will be provided.
  • Cleanse Companion 65 Page Ebook – Your Comprehensive Guide.
  • Personal Email Support – Email us anytime and we will respond ASAP during the cleanse.
  • *Enroll in the cleanse and receive 20% off the pH Miracle products on the cleanse website
  • **Refer 2 People and Receive Your Cleanse 50% Off! Refer 3 People and Receive Your Cleanse Free!

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Complimentary Pre-Cleanse Kick-off Calls

Please join us for any or all of our complimentary kick-off calls prior to the next cleanse. During these calls we will  discuss the various ways to do the cleanse including the best ways to prepare, which products to use and how to get the most out of this life changing experience. We will also answer your questions at the end of the call.

Wednesday 10/22/14 @ 6pm PST 9pm EST
Wednesday 10/29/14 @ 6pm PST 9pm EST

Wednesday 11/5/14 @ 6pm PST 9pm EST
Sunday 11/9/14 @ 6pm PST 9pm EST

Dial-in Number: 605-562-3140
Access Code: 200013#

If you have any challenge with the above number, we have provided a backup number.
Back-up Phone Number: (559) 546-1400
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 On the Complimentary Calls you will learn the following…

  • Learn the New Biology™ and Alkalarian lifestyle in a practical and easy to understand way.
  • Learn the four choices to cleanse from simple lifestyle shifts to the liquid feast.
  • Learn which foods, drinks and supplements to move towards and which to move away from.
  • Learn strategies on how to stay alkaline and maintain balance during the hustle and bustle of modern living
  • Learn how to create healthy alkaline meals 70/30.
  • Learn how to naturally support your immune and lymphatic system while avoiding any of the flu like symptomologies.
  • Learn how to transform your mind body and soul into the alkaline way of living, eating and thinking.

The cost of the cleanse is only $436, which is a huge value considering all of the support and knowledge that you are going to gain during this period. You will receive more coaching, support and education than you ever have in adopting the pH Miracle alkaline lifestyle.  Enroll Now and Transform Your Lifeyou’ll be so glad you did.


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Just a few of our many pH Miracle Cleanse Testimonials
Jane H.
You guys are amazing coaches and I am so glad that Tim and I chose to do this cleanse. We learned so much and feel and look so much better! I will join you again on the next cleanse. Thank you!!!
Mitzi M.
Most of my health challenges, including migraines and extreme vertigo, disappeared. I am thrilled to say that I lost 90 lbs. in the first 90 days! Almost two years later, I remain at a size 4/6 and love the simplicity of the program that keeps me at this size and in this state of health.
Leighanne D.
I just want to say how much of a gift to the universe you all are and I extend that to Dr Young. I cannot thank you enough for your energy, your passion, your knowledge, your love and for this opportunity to be your student. Words just do not express my gratitude to each of you.
Rosalie E.
I just want to let you know guys that I had a problem with my eyesight at night time. After a week of the cleanse, my eyesight has been much clearer and not needing my glasses at night time. I am able to drive without my glasses at night  Isn't that amazing?
Corinne F.
"You guys rock!"  That's the way I feel about you three and this cleanse. I am learning so much from you all and your passion for this lifestyle is contagious!!

*Receive 20% off all pHMiracleCleanse.com packs and products except for pH Strips, Oils & Books good until November 30th, 2014
**Referrals must enroll in the cleanse first.

This cleanse and information,  materials, documents, and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Before starting this program please be sure to check with your physician or health care practitioner.