August 27, 2016


We are excited to announce the next pH Miracle 10 Day Whole Body Cleanse. Based on the over 35 years of scientific research of Dr. Robert O. Young, pioneer of the New Biology. Enroll Now and discover the secret to health through alkalinity.

The pH MIRACLE® 10 Day Whole Body Cleanse

This Group Cleanse consists of Daily Classroom Calls and Nightly Calls with Expert Guest Speakers

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Your body is a MIRACLE! It's time to treat it like one.

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The human body is a miracle designed to operate with effortless ease when its properly supported. Trillions of cells functioning and working in harmony together to support the miles of arteries, organs and tissues. Most take for granted all of these functions as they happen automatically without much conscious awareness on our part. They take better care of their cars and possessions than they do their own bodies. Health is our birthright but like all rights it requires responsibility. When we take the right actions we can correct imbalances and heal ourselves. The secret key to health is alkalizing and energizing your trillions of cells. There is nothing more important to health than the environment we create in our body. By supporting the alkaline design you allow your mind and body to function optimally. You are working with the bodies biochemistry, not against it. This is what happens when people adopt an alkaline lifestyle on the pH Miracle cleanse. Their bodies regenerate, heal and become stronger than ever. They achieve new levels of well-being they never thought imaginable, many eliminated pain and health challenges they have had for years. The testimonials continue to flood in from people throughout the world who are participating on the cleanse. If you are seeking to achieve more health, more energy, more balance and more wellness in any aspect of your life, the pH Miracle provides you with a powerful and proven program for attaining your God given potential. Join us now and transform your life by enrolling in the pH Miracle 10 Day Whole Body Cleanse. Give yourself the gift that keeps on giving.

Learn the Alkaline Live-It Program from the leaders at the pH Miracle Cleanse


Based on the best-selling pH Miracle book series.

Lori, Glenn & Brian have over 18 years experience facilitating these cleanses for our alkaline community throughout the world. We are offering you an amazing opportunity to gain profound knowledge of the pH Miracle science, lifestyle and live-it program. We have also put together a list of many amazing expert guest speakers who will join us throughout the cleanse. These guests will all speak on a range of important holistic health subjects that will help you to accelerate your whole body detoxification, healing and more. The program itself is 20 calls including daily cleanse classrooms and nightly calls. These calls are also recorded and archived for your convenience to listen to on your computer, smart phone or MP3 player at any time. Enroll Now and join us on this life changing experience. These are just a few of the many benefits that you will receive when you enroll for the cleanse.

  • A 30 Minute Personal Pre-Cleanse Coaching Call to discuss your product and individual requirements.
  • The Daily Cleanse Classroom where you can interact with other cleanse members, instructors and get all of your questions answered.
  • Evening Cleanse Call Including Expert Guest Speakers. Audio Recordings of each call will be provided.
  • Cleanse Companion 65 Page Ebook – Your Comprehensive Guide to the pH Miracle Cleanse
  • Additional Educational Support, Resources, Documents and Information
  • *Enroll in the cleanse and receive 10% off the pH Miracle products on the cleanse website
  • **Refer 2 People and Receive Your Cleanse 50% Off! Refer 3 People and Receive Your Cleanse Free!

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Your investment for the cleanse is only $390, which is a huge value considering all of the support and knowledge that you are going to gain during this period. You will receive more coaching, support and education than you ever have in adopting the pH Miracle alkaline lifestyle. We are also offering anyone the opportunity to make 2 payments.  Email us @ support@phmiraclecleanse.com for information on that. Enroll Now and Transform Your Life, you'll be so glad you did.

Full Price: $390

2 Payment Option Available - Contact For Details

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*Receive 10% off all pHMiracleCleanse.com packs and products except for pH Strips, Oils & Books good until July 31st, 2016 ** Referrals must enroll in the cleanse first. This cleanse and information,  materials, documents, and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Before starting this program please be sure to check with your physician or health care practitioner.